Seed: -2089467411

Monster Spawner


You spawn right on the island.
This island is perfect: it has everything you need for a full Survival experience. It's just large enough to support a village on a plains biome, but it has a small forest biome for wood! Following a short cave from behind the Blacksmith's shop leads to a zombie dungeon that's almost above ground. Other features include an above ground lava pool, a short ravine with weird glitched floating water, and abandoned mines under the Southern Peninsula.
Tip: If you want other passive mobs such as cows, kill off the rest of the passives on the island (you can keep 2 of each for breeding.) This will trigger more spawns.

Average: 4.7 (268 votes)
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Лучший сид, который я видел. --- The best seed I've seen. (Google Translate)
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Oh yeah))) О да)))
this seed sucks
fuck this
diamonds: x 64 y 11 z 181, X 46 Y 11 Z 192, X 32 Y 11 Z 130, X 22 Y 10 Z 139, x 22 y 9 z 128, x 46 y 6 z 146
охуенный сид
Well, you DID find a great seed, yet you don't have any close looks to lava lakes or gateway to the dungeon or so...
Doesn't spawn as advertised under 1.4pre. Dumps you in a jungle biome.
sounds awesome, yet i dont know if it works or not yet.
i mean for 1.4.2
this seed works for 1.4.2 , not bad
oh yeah! tried it, and it really works! this seed rocks! oh my notch yeah!
Yeah... that Seed is Pretty bur my Village "strange" generated^^ (Version 1.4.2)and my Lake is evry small, but the Seed is Awsome :)
Hi from Russia! (Привет из России!) It's the best seed in the world! Diamond pickaxe! (Это лучший сид в мире! Алмазная кирка!)
Вопрос: работает на 1.2.5 в майнкрафт.ру? И сид писать с минусом в начале?
Зерно (сид) должно работать на ВСЕХ версиях старше Adventure Update (не Pretty Scary Update, а Adventure Update!)
Долбает блядь нихуя!
This is the best seed I've used yet. Don't listen to the haters.
This seed works for 1.4.7! It's so awesome, perfect survival map!
skeleton dungeon at X 4 Y 23 Z 459
Need fresh quality seeds?
I cant wait to use this seed!
i have a cool seed: Asseerroo
this seed: Asseerroo you spawn in a tree o.o
yes that seed is awesome seed: Asseerroo thnx
oh wow this seed: Asseerroo is so cool i have a tree house!!!!!!!! :D
seed: Asseerroo is awesome i have 128 Diamonds and a tree house with 192 Gold :P
cool играю на hardcore
посмотрите мой он еще лучше
Epic seed. I'll test it.(I'm promise for my english).
fuck me!
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